T-shirts might be known as a basic garment piece, but we cannot ignore the extraordinary advantages it comes with. So when it comes to styling philosophy t shirts or any basic t-shirt, our opinions fall into different camps. First, there is one category that sees t-shirts as their wardrobe staple for every occasion. And then the second one who feels t-shirts, an utterly juvenile outfit that can only be worn for gym or beach days. How about we share with you a classic mid-way where you can wear them to every suitable occasion? If yes, then read on further to know more about how you can style your favorite t-shirts.

How To Wear Or Style Different T-shirts

Adding Layers To Your T-Shirts

One of the best ways to style your t-shirts is by layering clothes on the top of your tees. A shirt on the t-shirt or a t-shirt on the shirt can actually look great on you. Especially when we talk about some extra skinny population, this layering effect creates volume. This helps in shifting your lean personality towards a healthier one. So, choose any of your favorite printed t-shirts and style them with jackets. shirts without worrying about looking too slim.

Pair It With Structured Blazer

The best way to style the graphic or printed poetry t-shirts is by wearing an oversized or fitted blazer over them. This style makes business meet pleasure and gives your look a very comfortable and unique look. You may not have seen it, but many fashion editors carry this look to their offices. This style is perfect for those personalities who do not like to over accessorize themselves for an office outing or meeting and prefer comfort and a semi-formal look at the same time.

The Summer Surfer Way

For those people who have always loved summers, surfing, and casual outings, graphic or printed T-shirts are their favorite. But to pull off this look amazingly, you need to focus on the details. One of the first things you need to keep in mind is that you don't have to look pressed and put together. Stick with simple graphic tees, a pair of live-in shorts, and vans classic skate shoes. This will add a touch of coolness to your outfit. A white shirt and gray shirt with any bright color vans shoes will give you your summer way outfit.

Bring Out The Streetwear Side

You might have street art t shirts in your wardrobe, and this is the time to bring them out and flaunt your streetwear side. Pair your street-style shirts with tailored sweatpants, a shirt over your tee, and white sneakers. This is the style that has actually made printed or graphic tees very much in demand. The main key to ace this streetwear rocky look is focussing on the fit of your t-shirt and the layers you add over it.

The Minimalist Tee Look

One thing that can make you incredibly stylish with minimal effort is the printed or graphic tees. A well-fitted and carefully minimalist T-shirt can make you look the best-dressed guy in the room, no matter the occasion. So, to attain the best minimalist tee look, keep everything minimal. Go for a pair of white denim jeans, a small printed quote T shirt, and of course a pair of dark-colored sneakers. This is the ultimate way to style your look with a T-shirt in the easiest way and attain the best look simultaneously.


So, we can say t-shirts are one of the best outfit choices that speak your personality and own it too. It doesn't actually matter what outfits are currently in trend. As long as you have T-shirts in your wardrobe, you can play with different styles to ace your everyday look. Get access to a wide range of artistic T-shirts on the Talking tee website and ace the casual look you always wanted. On their website, they have a plethora of T-shirt collections to select from. Just simply choose your favorite shirt and choose any of the above ideas, and get going!